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Sharks High School Hockey League

League Information

Sharks Ice San Jose is proud to present the Sharks High School League (SHSHL), the premier high school hockey league in Northern California, for the 2024-25 season. In its first year of existence, the SHSHL began with just four teams. Since that time, it has grown to 30 High School Teams

The SHSHL operates the Varsity (Fall/Winter), Varsity (Spring) and Junior Varsity (Fall/Winter) leagues. Unlike traditional high school sports where Varsity and Junior Varsity are predominately decided by age, our divisions are exclusively decided by skill level.

The Varsity (Fall/Winter) division is made up of High school teams from all around Northern California and runs early October to mid-February.

The Varsity (Spring) division conducts tryouts that are available to Varsity, Junior Varsity-A, Tier and Travel level players . Not all players are guaranteed a position following tryouts. The season runs mid-March through early June.

The Junior Varsity (Fall/Winter) division is made up of Recreational, In-House and Travel level players that will be separated into three sub-divisions based on skill with the most novice level being non-check. The Junior Varsity (Fall/Winter) season runs early October through mid-March.

With more and more kids playing ice hockey, the Sharks High School Hockey League now looks to form teams made up solely of one school or geographical area. All players must be enrolled in high school in Northern California to participate. They also must provide all of their own HECC approved equipment. Practices and games for Varsity and some Junior Varsity teams will take place at Sharks Ice at San Jose, Sharks Ice at Fremont, and at the Oakland Ice Center Operated by Sharks Ice.  Some teams will have games and practices at their home rink. Most games will take place on weekends with an occasional game played mid-week. No matter what your skill level is, there is a spot for you in the Sharks High School Hockey League.

See information below regarding specific SHSHL divisions.

Spring S.A.T League


Season:  April 20th to June 16th

Cost: $645


Registration Deadline April 9th. 

The S.A.T. league is geared towards novice to intermediate Junior Varsity/Varsity skill level players. Junior Varsity division is non-check. Varsity will be a full contact division. The goal of the S.A.T. League is to allow players to develop their individual skills in a competitive environment. In addition, players will learn positional play and team concepts. This is a perfect opportunity for those who are getting into the game of hockey or for those who want to sharpen their skills in a fun, safe, and relaxed atmosphere. Some school programs may enter their own teams. We will also field our San Jose in house high school teams that are drafted based on previous season level of play. 

All practices will be Saturdays. Most games will be played on weekends, with an occasional weeknight game. Teams from San Jose will play a majority of games in San Jose with the possibility of 1-2 games at Solar4America Ice at Fremont.

If you are interested in entering a team from your school please contact the High School Hockey Coordinator Shane Galaviz-

Varsity-Southern Conference

The teams that will be selected to participate in the 2023-24 Varsity Division Southern Conference(Fall/Winter) Season are Combined State Bound high school teams. A Combined high school team consists of players that all reside in the district the Club represents.  If  your school has any interest in participating for the 2023-24 season, please contact the High School Hockey Coordinator: Shane Galaviz-

14 games +playoffs(must qualify)  all games in San Jose : $10595

Varsity Northern Conference

This will consist of Combined District teams. A district team is a team that brings players together from the same school district to play on one team. This division will be a travel division played across the bay area and will include a 4 game Jamboree. If your school has any interest in participating for the 2023-24 season, please contact the High School Hockey Coordinator: Shane

14 game (includes 4 game Jamboree) + Playoffs(must qualify) : $3475

Junior Varsity Regional Teams

JV regional teams are made up of athletes that attend a school that does not have their own hockey program.  Teams are created based on an evaluation. After the evaluation players are placed on a team competing in one of our JV levels that is appropriate to the players skill level. 


Regional teams will be formed following evaluations. 

Season begins October 20th 

Cost per player is: $1035 for the season. 

Each player will receive a Jersey, socks, games on the weekends and a weekly practice starting at 4:30pm*. 

*subject to change

Junior Varsity (Fall/Winter)

The 2022-23 Junior Varsity (Fall/Winter) Season, which runs late September through March, starts with approximately two evaluation sessions in which Sharks Ice Staff Coaches evaluate players to determine which of our divisions suits them best.

The JV league is made up of three divisions: Junior Varsity - A (JVA), Junior Varsity - B (JVB) and Junior Varsity - C (JVC).

JV-A and JV-B are full check, while JV-C is non-check for more novice level players. The three divisions allow the Sharks High School League to form teams in appropriate skill levels to create a competitive and fun atmosphere for all.

Sharks Ice also looks to collaborate schools from the same geographical areas to form teams. Teams based out of Shakes ice San Jose will have practice start times that vary between 3:45 and 4:15pm weekdays. Most games will be played on weekends, with an occasional weeknight game. Teams from San Jose will play a majority of games in San Jose with the possibility of 3-4 games at Sharks Ice at Fremont and/or Oakland Ice Center Operated by Sharks Ice.

Registration cost to enter a team in the league is listed below with the registration link

JV A  North Team 

14 games(4 taking place in San Jose) +Playoffs* : $3475/team

JV A South Team

14 game +Playoffs* all in San Jose: $8295/team

JV C Team 

14 game +Playoffs* all in San Jose: $8295/team

*must qualify for playoffs

All Descisions Made By Sharks Ice Hockey Department Are Final

Please contact Shane Galaviz, High School Hockey Coordinator, with any additional questions -